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Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine at Our Woodleigh Family Clinic

Dear Patients and Residents,

*** Update: Sinovac B1 and B2 is now available to patients above 18 years old. Proof of medical ineligibility to mRNA vaccines is not necessary.

Our Woodleigh Family Clinic is privileged to be among the Public Health Preparedness Clinics selected to administer Sinovac vaccine under the National Vaccination Programme (ie. Free - Fully paid by government)

We have commenced SINOVAC National Vaccination Programme (NVP) since End October 2021.

Sinovac Vaccination Schedule

  • For patients doing purely Sinovac:

D1 Sinovac ---> After 28 Days ---> D2 Sinovac ---> After 90 Days ---> D3 Sinovac --> After 90days --> B1 Sinovac --> 150 days --> B2 Sinovac

For those allergic to Pfizer/ Moderna:

D1 Pfizer/ Moderna ---> After 30 days ---> D1 Sinovac ---> After 28 days --> D2 Sinovac

D2 Pfizer/ Moderna ---> After 150 days ---> B1 Sinovac


All SINOVAC Vaccination at OWFC are under SINOVAC NVP and is strictly appointment based via only. We are unable to accept any walk-in based on MOH and AIC guidelines.

Please refer to the above vaccination schedule and book your vaccine appointment on

For patients who booked an appointment with us on

Kindly note that we are only able to accept and register you at your allocated appointment timeslot for safe distancing reasons.

Please note that you will need to be monitored for 30 minutes after your vaccination, so set aside ample time on the day of your vaccination ( approximately 1 to 2 hours for the whole process)

Please be punctual on your appointment date and time as you will need to reschedule your vaccination appointment should there be insufficient time for the vaccination or 30mins of monitoring post vaccination.

Patients who arrive at clinic later than 1.30pm on weekday mornings, 11.30am on weekend mornings and 8pm in the evenings will be asked to reschedule their vaccination as there will be insufficient time for the whole process to be completed safely.

Hence, we seek your understanding in coming for your appointment on time.

Should you require any further clarification, you may whatsapp us at 9788 1157. We will try to reply as soon as we can.

*** Please refrain from calling our hotline to enquire about Sinovac eligibility and appointment making so as to allow our staff focus on attending to patients attending our clinic.

Thank you.

Do follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Your Healthcare Team, Our Woodleigh Family Clinic

MOH recommendations:

- People who have received only one or two doses of the Sinovac vaccine to date are strongly encouraged to complete a three-dose primary series regime with the mRNA vaccines as it offers more optimal protection.

- People who are unable to take any dose of the mRNA vaccines due to medical reasons should receive three doses of Sinovac in total to complete their primary series regime.

- Those who started vaccination with mRNA vaccines but developed allergies or severe adverse reactions after the first dose should complete a three-dose primary series regime with two more doses of Sinovac.

- If the allergic reaction happens after the second dose of mRNA vaccine, then the person should take one more dose of Sinovac as their booster vaccination when they are eligible for a booster.


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