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Healthier SG - Our Woodleigh Family Clinic

Healthier Woodleigh, Healthier Bidadari

What is Healthier SG

Healthier SG enrollment timeline

Who is eligible for Healthier SG?

Need fulfil the following 4 criteria:

  1. Singaporean and Permanent Resident only.

  2. Above 40 years old.

  3. As long as condition 1 and 2 (Well or have chronic illness eg Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholestrol, Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis or gout etc... )

Benefits of Healthier SG


- Free 1st Health Plan Consultation with doctor

- Healthpoints worth $20 through H365 app after first health plan consultation

- Free nationally- recommended screenings and vaccinations

From early 2024

- Commencement of Healthier SG Chronic Tier subsidies - ie cheaper chronic medications

- No cash copayment for using Medisave ( currently need copay 15%)

How to sign up for Healthier SG with Our Woodleigh Family Clinic:

1. Inform our counter staff and give verbal consent for our staff to help sign you up for healthier SG with OWFC and fix appointment for your 1st Care plan.

2. Fix an appointment with us for your HSG 1st Care plan - Indicate appt as "HSG First Care plan."


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