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Knee Joint injections

Do you often experience knee pain? Or you know someone whose knee hurts after some walking, running or climbing stairs?

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of people as they age. However younger patients can develop arthritis and complain of knee pain too.

Why do we get arthritis / knee pain?

The cartilage that cushions between the bones in the knee joint slowly degenerates over time. When the cartilage is almost worn out, the bone will start rubbing against the other bone and this causes knee pain.

If you are troubled by chronic knee pain, do visit us for a consultation to discuss treatment options for you.

Treatment options:

  • Oral painkillers eg. Paracetamol, NSAIDs, Tramadol

  • Steroid injections into the knee

  • Knee Joint Viscosupplementation (also known as gel injection)

  • Surgery

Knee Joint Viscosupplementation (Gel Injection)

- Injection of gel-like fluid called hyaluronic acid (HA) into the knee joint.

- The hyaluronic acid (HA) acts as lubricant, allowing the bones to move over each other more smoothly and absorb shock for our weight.

- HA is naturally found in our joints - in the synovial fluid.

2 options for Gel Injection: Orthovisc and Monovisc

A) Orthovisc injection

- 2ml of hyaluronic acid gel

- $250 (before GST) per syringe ***

- Frequency: Once a week for 3 weeks

- Durability: varies from patient to patient (depending on activity level, weight etc.)

- If single syringe injected: usually lasts 3 - 4 months

- If 3 doses injection: usually lasts 9 months to a year

B) Monovisc injection

- 4ml of hyaluronic acid gel

- $720 (before GST) per syringe***

- Frequency: One-shot injection

- Durability: 9 months to a year (varies from patient to patient)

Procedure (total duration 20 min) :

1. Point of injection identified and marked out.

2. Cleaning and sterilising

3. Injection of 2ml of Lidocaine (local anesthesia).

4. Syringe of Monovisc (4ml) or Orthovisc (2ml) injected into the knee joint.

5. Antibiotic cream to be applied on entry point of injection.

6. Light dressing over injection site.

7. Patient can walk out of consultation room normally (if walked in).

8. Review appointment will be given


  • Patient may experience some discomfort over knee over the next 2 - 3 days post injection

  • Patient can continue to take prescribed oral painkillers

  • Frequency of knee pain should reduce thereafter due to the knee joint gel supplementation

  • Avoid strenuous activities and prolonged standing / walking


Consultation, Oral painkillers and Steroid knee injections can use Medisave/ CHAS/ Merdeka/ Pioneer Generation cards.

* However please note that Knee Viscosupplementation (Orthovisc/Monovisc) is not covered by Medisave/ CHAS/ Merdeka/ Pioneer Generations.

*** Cash/ Nets payment only.

You may WhatsApp us at 9788 1157 or click here to make an appointment for a knee joint injection or walk in for general consultation.


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