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Skin Care and Aesthetic Treatments

Skin Care is an important aspect of our physical and mental health.

At Our Woodleigh Family Clinic, we provide comprehensive skin care management for dermatological conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Hair loss and Pigmentation disorders.

Our doctors are trained in dermatological assessment of your skin conditions and do carry topical wash, medical grade creams, oral antibiotics, oral isotretinoin and hormonal tablets should you require them.

During the consultation, you might also be advised to undergo blood tests before starting on certain medications such as oral isotretinoin for severe acne or recommended to undergo chemical peel for patients with congested hair follicles.

You might wish to refer to the following article authored by our resident doctor - Dr Tan Yan Yuan on treating 'MASKNE' - a common skin condition aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aesthetic Services by Doctor

For patients who are keen to reduce your wrinkle lines over forehead, frown lines or crowfeet (beside the eyes), we do perform botulinum toxin injection as well.

For patients with dry and dull skins, we do recommend skin boosters and Profhilo injections which help with lifting and firming.

For patients who will sagging skin and volume loss, we will recommend fillers to help augment the volume loss and sharpen features sure as jawline and chin.

Patients keen on aesthetic services will require a consultation with our doctor for a personalised treatment plan.

A best of both world combination!

Combine HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Face and Neck with Botox Face on 2 separate sessions for maximal results in facial lifting, firming as well as reduction of wrinkles! Noticeable improvement after single session.

Our Aesthetics services and Medispa will be performed in our sister clinic next door @The Bidadari Clinic

* Aesthetics consultation and services are performed solely on appointment basis.

Please whatsapp The Bidadari Clinic at 9663 4383 to fix your consultation/ treatment/ review/ 1st time trial appointment


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