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Severe Disability Assessment

Patients or family members who are applying for the following may contact Our Woodleigh Family Clinic for a Severe Disability Assessment.

Severe Disability Assessment can not be performed by all doctors but only by doctors who are accredited by Ministry of Health to perform the assessment.

You may call Our Woodleigh Family Clinic at 6970 0560 or WhatsApp us at 9788 1157 and choose between 2 options for the assessment:

  1. Scheduling an appointment at the clinic ($100 nett)

  2. Scheduling a Housecall ($250 nett) in which our doctor will visit and perform the severe disability assessment at your house / nursing home.

We will conduct the disability assessment and collect an assessment fee from you.

If the patient is assessed to be severely disabled, the full assessment fee will be reimbursed to you by government/ insurance company with the first payout.

Requires Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

In order to qualify for payout, patient has to be unable to perform three or more of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADL), as certified by an MOH-accredited severe disability assessor. The six activities are:

Image obtained from the following URL:

You may refer to more information from the above AIC website.

Contact Our Woodleigh Family Clinic for further enquiries and to book appointment:


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